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For his four best friends from high school, though, James wanted something entirely different. Part of James' support for his childhood friends, though, is the insistence they all shared that each make his own path, rather than live off James' stardom - no matter how difficult or less lucrative. That's not our guys, and honestly Le Bron respects them more for that too." The "Fab 5" from St. Mary is James, Joyce III, Travis, Mc Gee, and Sian Cotton - who'd known each other since they were small children in Akron. Cotton works an undisclosed job in the Akron area and continues to pursue a career in hip-hop music. Travis credits James for helping him land a European Nike contract.

They weren't welcome to live off of James' stardom. Interviews with not only James, but childhood buddies Dru Joyce III, Romeo Travis, Willie Mc Gee, and Brandon Weems - all members of the St. Mary 2003 state champion hoops team - were conducted before published comments from James about wanting to unite with his three best NBA friends. "All of them had their own dreams, wanted to chase their own dreams, and I couldn't be more proud of them for that.

He risks being cut, according to the Morning News, despite being, you know, pretty good at basketball.Word got out while drinking with friends, that Rashard Lewis slept with Lebrons girl while visiting South Beach.This is Rihanna’s ex Rashard Lewis of the Washington Wizards: And the “Hoopz” look-alike in the picture is his brand new fiance…“Tristan told Le Bron straight up before last night’s game that Khloe was coming and that was that.”“Tristan told Le Bron that Khloe is his good luck charm, and that if they lost last night, then he’d consider asking her not to come in the future.CLEVELAND, Ohio - We learned last week that Le Bron James dreams of one day playing on the same NBA team with his three closest friends in the league: Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul. REPORT: Le Bron would take 'pay cut' to play with Wade, Melo, Paul But the characterizations of childhood friendships with James support what is now apparent through his relationship with Wade, Anthony, and Paul: James is so fiercely loyal to those close to him, that he'd willingly declare in an interview he wants to join forces with them on an NBA team - knowing full well the controversy it would stir and the potential impact such a union could have on several franchises, including the Cavaliers. "A lot of guys are good friends with an NBA player, and they hang on. James arranged for both Joyce III (2008) and Travis (20) to try out with the Cavaliers' summer league team.

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"Le Bron's not the kind of guy to live off of," said Travis, 31, a former MVP in Israel and the Philippines who's playing this season for Le Mans Sarthe Basket in France. He wants you to be able to take him out to dinner." "Le Bron's the type that, if you're just sitting around, he's really not going to do a whole lot for you," added Weems, 29.

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