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They also served as mute hosts to the gods, who were annually asked to come into a home to purify it for the upcoming year.

Please make sure to click the link in that message to confirm your subscription.For example, “hina” dolls emerged out of a practice dating from the Heien Period in which straw dolls are sent floating down a river to carry the evil spirits they capture out to the sea.This ritual eventually became Hina Matsuri, also known as the Girls’ Day Festival or the Japanese Doll Festival, held on the third day of the third month.That's about twice the entire GDP of a country the size of New Zealand (US 7 Billion).The largest selection available outside of Japan of women's, men's, children's & geisha's kimonos plus beautiful haori kimono jackets, obi, geta, zori and a varied array of Japanese art, dolls, textiles, Buddhist, Shinto and other Japanese items - you can search for any word or phrase in this glossary by going to Edit/Find in your browser's menu (shortcut Ctrl F).

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Families with girls display dolls for the Doll’s Festival called Hina-ningyo from the middle of February. In addition, March 3 is one of the turn of the year in Japan, when we have had the custom to purify our spirits and body since Heian period.

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