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Because of a lack of available men in their own country, especially the lack of available men wanting to engage in a serious relationship, many single Ukrainian women dont have success with the local dating scene as well.As you are doing, they broaden their search of a life partner to other countries. Ukraine had a “corrupt” government that supported closer ties with Russia. The dissatisfaction of the people justified them holding the elected government from office.

So they had an election to vote into power a new leader.

After 12 years of success in dating between men and Russian and Ukrainian women we’re starting a new project dedicated to single men farmers in Western Europe, Quebec, Canada and USA and Russian single women farmers or with a trade required in rural areas (nurse, technician) Why are we targeting people living in the countryside?

As in the rural areas there are 30% more single men than in cities.

This justified sections of Eastern Ukraine to refuse to acknowledge the new government and declare independence.

The separatist actions of these provinces was justification for radical movements to enforce unity onto those areas.

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