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From Basel, you could be back in Paris in three hours aboard a Train à Grande Vitesse, the high-speed backbone of French long-distance travel, or board a "classic" Euro City train, the Vauban, beside the Rhine through Alsace and Lorraine to the city of Metz.

You can also fly from the UK into France's leading airports and connect straight into the rail network – excellent news for people who do not live near the Eurostar terminals in London or Ashford.

The number of people on board those departures was 101 per cent of capacity, until some “re-accommodation” of surplus passengers took place.

The pair were discussing the second stage of the planned high-speed rail line, from Birmingham to Leeds and York, and from Crewe to Manchester.

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The city is historically attached to the Dauphiné, of which it forms the second largest city after Grenoble and is today part of the network of French Towns and Lands of Art and History.

Formerly the duchy of Valentinois, it was ruled by the Duke of Valentinois, a title which is still claimed by the Sovereign Prince of Monaco, though he has no actual administrative control over the area.

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French rail chiefs SNCF have revealed ambitious plans for France to become the first country in the world to roll out driverless high speed trains, according to France TV info.

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