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Winamp lets you rip (transfer and compress digitally) your CDs to your computer hard drive.

This means you can listen to them without having to pop in the CD.

It also means you can create your own playlists using individual tracks from different albums.

Note: Before ripping tracks to your computer, you should first configure the CD ripping settings.

isn't this the part that updates the shoutcast server of the song titles to the listeners?

i have the fields empty but wouldn't it just read off of my playlist? i'm gonna post here so others will know in case the run across the same problem. First thing i noticed was that i was not able to setup a shoutcast server using winamp2 plugins.

Below is an extract of the Winamp supported ATF functionality.

ATF determines how Winamp should display metadata in the Playlist window and Main window songticker. [] means "don't display unless metadata was found".

reason i'm using the older version is because it doesn't have the delay that 1.8.2 has. So what actually happens is a person will log onto my shoutcast server and NOT SEE a song title. Under the Yellow Pages tab, i have Track Title/URL enabled and have each one set to Auto.

Watch folders tab) 02 Smart views In the first you tell to Winamp where to look for your music.

Ok, before i go any further, i ran searches in the forums and couldn't find what i was looking for. Anyways, the problem my listeners are having and that i can't seem to fix is my song titles.

How do I get Winamp to forget the old data in the library/folder and to pick up the newest version?

Hi Lou, If you want to start a new media library database go to the General Preferences - Media Library - Local Library - Options tab. Then switch to the Watch Folders tab, add the folder(s) containing the songs you want (remove any other folders) and click the "Rescan now" button.

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If I look on the shoutcast or Radionomy websites the now playing remains static although it's changing at encoder level.

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