Dating spiritually immature

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~ Fred Bittner, Faith Gateway Bible Studies* * *When we ignore the emotional component of our lives, we move through the motions of Christian disciplines, activities, and behaviors, but deeply rooted behavioral patterns from our pasts continue to hinder us from an authentic life of maturity in Christ.

I have two boys (Noah and Micah) fifteen months apart.

I say potentially because we are not guaranteed a spouse in this life. I have had some unfortunate experiences in the past with guys that came around.A man's spiritual leadership is not a matter of dictatorial power, but of firm and credible spiritual leadership and influence.A man must be ready to lead his wife and his children in a way that will honor God, demonstrate godliness, inculcate Christian character and lead his family to desire Christ and to seek God's glory.I know a few things now – Things that matter, yet, are not often addressed in articles and conversations about guys and what kind of men they should be to be worthy of a young woman. We as young women should recognize the standards and not be afraid to measure a guy against them. If a guy shows up at church without his bible, and doesn’t engage with the sermon, that’s a red flag.A man that loves the Lord will love His word, and an evidence of that is his desire to study it; both privately and publicly.

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