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Now meet "Jacqueline" (who wished to remain anonymous): she is 32, also grew up in a Conservative home, lives in New York City and works in the non-profit sector.

Rosenthal is a talented painter, animator, and graphic designer.

He has lived, worked as a wildlife researcher, and backpacked throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. Reich’s fiction has appeared in Armchair/Shotgun, Everyday Genius, Volume 1 Brooklyn, gigantic sequins, Plain China; The Best of Undergraduate Writing 2010, and other publications. In addition to working as a contributing writer for Blueprint, Vanessa Averbach is a full-time high school English teacher in Los Angeles.

Syndicated columnist Dietz and Cassidy, a freelance writer, here gather advice, responses from newspaper readers and results of surveys into a step-by-step program directed at helping women who live alone to do so with satisfaction and fulfillment.

In a chatty, no-nonsense and enspiriting (sometimes tiresomely so) tone, the authors first encourage the reader to shed the fantasy that marriage will bring happiness, to let go of "The Man Who Isn't There" and live "as if" she would always be single, finding reward in the options available at the moment.

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In chapters that consider aspects of modern life--money, social relationships, sex, psychology, appearance--the guide offers exercises, questions and charts that urge the reader toward a thoroughgoing and radical makeover.

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