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From meetings with his managers, to hanging out with his old friends in San Fernando where he grew up, to life with his teenage daughter in his mansion and dating after divorce, Lopez offers a glimpse, albeit a fictionalized one, into his life more than anything else he’s done. “My true personality traits are not what people would expect. Because of the way that Troy Miller shot them, it’s always moving. How realistic is the conversation with your representatives about all the social media demands and all the different accounts you have to maintain now? They don’t know that much about me, so there’s still a lot I can show.” Lopez, who says he’d love to keep this gig for four or five years, spoke with Vulture about the time he threatened his neighbor to “put a Mexican in the trees,” Snoop Dogg’s slow work process, and why he’s dredging up humiliating moments in his own life. Well, I like TV more than I like doing movies because in the movies there’s so much waiting around. On Saint George, I learned a little about how different it was than multi-camera. His previous best-selling CD Right Now Right Now was released in 2001.In May 2004, George's autobiography Why You Crying?But a change of career is always an option: The Lopez Tonight star recently appeared on the Good Morning America chat show and joked about running for the mayor of Los Angeles.Although he didn't believe he would ever get past the background check.'I am going to run for—although I don't believe I'll pass the background check now—I do intend to run for mayor, at some point,' he dead-panned.'I want to be mayor of Los Angeles!This split up is quite surprising because she loved him a lot.Its best example is that this comedian has too this genetic condition in which his kidneys gets deteriorated. Now things are going over between them, and they parted their ways with mutual understanding.

In 2003, Lopez's CD Team Leader was released on Oglio Records/Warner Bros. The CD was nominated for a 2004 Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album.

Long time ago he commenced his career and after a hard time he became a successful comedian.

He got fame due to his super hits comedy seasons, thus now he is in the top list of funny man.

But when you have a show, then the clips go out and somebody will say, “I’ll give it one season and then it will be cancelled like your other ones.” And I’m not complaining! There was a joke about divorcing your wife after she donated her kidney to you, and that time you passed out on a casino floor. Well, it’s all on public record, but it’s never come from me. Almost anybody can be on TV, which is gacho [messed up]. Rescuing the dog and then have the dog not connect to you is real, too. My daughter and my ex-wife, they don’t mind all the trappings that come with success.

I think it’s destructive because it gives people 24-hour access to be negative. That’s when I know that I’m doing better than I was doing before, when it’s more negative than it had been. Because when you’re not doing anything, nobody is really connected to you because people follow so many different people. I was at a Christmas party in Bel Air and he said, “Hey, can you talk to my housekeeper? Just waiting there.” Some of the jokes poke fun at some deeply personal things. And then in TV, from five channels to cable, HBO, On Demand, to all this now.

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