Probation officer charged with intimidating witness

Her brother died, she, her five children and fiancée, had just moved back to Minnesota and the bills were piling up. She met a group of people in 2014 who told her she could get some quick cash with a fake check. She got on their radar because they were investigating a fake check scam.

“You take it to the bank and let it clear, but if it doesn’t clear, you got a problem,” said Mc Kinney. She turned herself in and pleaded guilty to bank fraud.

In this blog the Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorneys of Banks & Brower will focus on two of the most common communication-based criminal charges: intimidation and harassment,both of which seem to be filed more and more often, especially with the advent of social media and the ease at which people are accessible and in which someone can invade on people’s personal and private lives.

Rhonda Martinson, Scott Miller, Edited by Stephanie Avalon Unchecked witness intimidation can deter domestic violence victims and witnesses from calling for help, accessing the justice system, and participating in court processes.A judge sent her to a halfway house in October 2014 while she was waiting for sentencing.Her first visitor at the halfway house was federal probation officer Dennis Bresnehan.As a result of the Duluth team’s investigation into witness intimidation, the existing question about intimidation was rewritten to encourage responding officers to ask follow-up questions when initial inquiry into intimidation was responded to affirmatively.Such follow-up gives victims an opportunity to talk about any acts of intimidation the offender has used to gain compliance.

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